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Gluten Free Platter x10 people (cocktail)

Serves approximately 10 people (cocktail)

$900.00 ex. GST


  • Cold Meets – Cabanossi, Virginian Ham
  • GF Cheese – Camembert, Cheddar
  • GF Dip – Hummus, Guacamole
  • GF Bread – Bread Sticks, Assorted Crackers & Multigrain Quinoa Wafer Crackers
  • Hot Food – Crocodile Chipolatas with Tomato Chutney, Mini Kangaroo Kofta with Tomato Chutney, Mini Lemon Myrtle Chicken Skewers
  • Cold Food – Assorted Dried and Fresh Fruit, Quinoa Salad, Sundried Tomatoes, Gherkins, Davidson Plum Friand, Vanilla Coconut Macaroons, Lemon Myrtle Friand


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